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When the world came to a Covid-19 halt, live theatre was one of the first things to shut down. I didn’t know where to put my energy, but I knew I wanted to create something that felt important. 


Since I was a young girl, I’ve been obsessed with learning about the grit and ingenuity of women. At The New School, my most enriching classes were Narratives of Black Women, Literature, and the Social Sciences surrounding gender, race, and class. In times of trouble, I always look to the past for perspective. Now, I’m launching WYSKA: a blog & instagram account dedicated to Women You Should Know About.

When I start to feel hopeless about the future, I think about the resilient women of history who persisted to live full lives on their own terms. Misogyny, racism, and countless other oppressions still plague us, but there is no question that my life today is far easier thanks to the women who came before me.


Their stories are important. Their lives mattered.

We should have learned more about them in school.

There are countless WYSKAs- I’m going to share

their storiesone by one.

Photo by Jacob Pritchard, featuring a section of the mural

"Event Horizon" by Kara Walker, (2005) in Arnhold Hall, The New School








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Click on a portrait below to learn about the incredible life of that woman.

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